10.18.2011 Update…FINALLY! :P

Doom X | Doom X News,Doom X Videos,Downloads,misc | Sunday, December 18th, 2011


So this is a brand new weapon that’s related to the freeze gun which you have probably seen on the flash video above.  I can’t show you all of it yet but just wait :).  All the functions of this gun is already done and I’ve been using it lots in the game.  I can’t give too much detail on what it does but I can tell you it’s closely related to the other new gun.  I’m in gun mode right now and there is another bad ass gun that I’ve got all setup also but will not be featured on the 1st half.  Think of it as a BFG top tier gun.

Being so busy and all, I have not done too much map making but there was one monster kind of similar to the Wizards in Quake 1 that was in the works.  When I have time I will finish him off since he has a very simple design.  Usually summers are no good for the Doom X project with so many birthdays, family get together, freelance projects, work and so on.

Something else I would like to talk about is RAGE.  This is the 1st idSoftware game I have ever purchased that was not for the PC.  I’m not really sure if my PC can handle it so I just went ahead and got it on the PS3.  Graphics are amazing and the guys really did a good job with this game.  Again though I’ve been very busy so I’ve only have about four hours into the game.  What really took my breath is when you are captured and you see the detail on the bandits face while you are upside down….wow.  I really love the easter eggs in the game which will obviously be in Doom X.

So again I am very sorry for the late update.  There has been lots of progression though.  It may not look like it but it’s because I don’t want to show off too much like I did in the beginning.  I think I blew my load way to early on this project haha.  For any of you modders out there that have looked inside my released wads you can catch some easter eggs inside and you’ll find some stuff that has never been shown.  There are even whole maps I haven’t even shown off.  Things are slowly starting to slow down though workwise so things will be back into full gear!  I am exhausted, going to bed.


Wolfenstein: Opening Cinematic

Doom X | misc | Friday, April 17th, 2009

Here’s the Cinematic for the new Wolfenstein game that Raven is putting out. What’s funny is that weird device he pulls out of his coat is similar to the Doom X exploding skull weapon. Anyways this looks bad ass.


Terminator Salvation Trailer #3

Doom X | misc | Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Hope this doesn’t get taken down but man this movie is looking pretty damn cool.  Enjoy.


What am I playing right now?

Doom X | misc | Sunday, November 16th, 2008

  dead spaceBig suprise that I’m playing Dead Space hehe.  This game is really great and I was so excited when I read about it like a year ago in some magazine.  I’m a huge fan of sci-fi horrors and the weapons and creatures in this game are fucking cool.  Well done EA, well done.  I strongly recommend this game and if you’re into Doom, you’ll love this game.

ninja gaiden sigma

Yeah I know this game isn’t really new but I just recently got a PS3 and I’ve always wanted to play this version of Ninja Gaiden.  The only reason I ever got an Xbox was to play Ninja Gaiden and I almost bought a PS3 just for this game.  The PS3 was actually a gift to me but I think I would have eventually got it to play God of War III.  I really love the missions they have which are soo goddamn hard.  I’ve finally completed all of them except like four of them and the ultimate one.  Even though this game is very difficult and sometimes frusterating, it’s still a fun game with beautiful graphics and I’m always up for the challenge.

As of Gears of War 2, I still have not played lol.  It’s not that I dislke it or anything but I just don’t have the time and the money for it right now :(.  Plus my xbox live has expired and I really loved playing Gears 1 online.  Maybe I’ll get it for x-mas heh