Update 9.10.08

Doom X | Doom X Videos | Wednesday, September 10th, 2008


Currently the Succubus and the Loper are in the works.  Succubus is about 75% complete and just needs some cleaning up on the sprites.  Yes I do realize she is nude but you know what, all the baddies are nude in this game except the zombies lol.  The Loper is about 50% done and looks sick.  Any of you Return to Castle Wolfenstein will be familiar with the Loper which is a half abomination that walks on its a arms and uses electricity as it’s weapon.  I thought those things were cool as hell so hell why not put a Doom version of it with some suprises added to them.  I’ve been thinking about making little technician demons to fight along with them but I’m not to sure yet.  I think I may be making too many characters haha but after I’m done with the characters, the rest of the levels will be crafted.  Any talented wad authors who would like to donate are more than welcomed.  I will credit you if I use it.