Doom X Beta Test info

Doom X | Doom X News | Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Thanks for registering to the site guys and as soon as a beta version is up you guys will be first to get your hands on it via e-mail.  It will be approx 20ish mb and will require GZdoom.  Zdoom is good too but if you want the full lighting effects, stick with GZdoom.  If you have no idea what GZdoom or Zdoom is I will provide instructions.  Installation is real simply btw.  I’m going to have lots of free time this weekend so there will be a Bestiary update most probably.


Update 4.28.09

Doom X | Doom X News | Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Just moved into a new apt so things are a little sluggish. I have switched gears towards mapping because I didn’t want to get too rusty on it and scripting. Here’s some new screen shots from some new maps.

Screen shot 01Screenshot 02

Animation for new characters have been mostly done, they just need to be cleaned up.   Stay tuned.


Wolfenstein: Opening Cinematic

Doom X | misc | Friday, April 17th, 2009

Here’s the Cinematic for the new Wolfenstein game that Raven is putting out. What’s funny is that weird device he pulls out of his coat is similar to the Doom X exploding skull weapon. Anyways this looks bad ass.


Crank 2 High Voltage – TOMORROW

Doom X | Doom X Videos | Thursday, April 16th, 2009

This movie comes out tomorrow! According to some people who have screened the movie from, it’s really bad ass and is just like the 1st one. It’s a real fun movie and Jason Statham is the muthufu**in’ man! I might go see it at a Movie Tavern and get drunk while watching it lol


Michael Clarke Duncan = Gangsta Grosse

Doom X | Doom X Videos | Wednesday, April 8th, 2009


If Hollywood were to make a Gangsta Grosse movie, who would play him?

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Update 4.6.09

Doom X | Doom X Videos | Monday, April 6th, 2009

Here’s a quick preview of two new monsters. These are just concepts and are not final. Not going to label them. Try and guess who they are.
Monster 2Monster 1

Here is a list of the next and final Doom X characters

  • Gargoyle
  • Dark Vixen
  • Priestess (working title)
  • Serpent Gaurds (working title)
  • The Queen (boss)
  • Tank (boss)
  • X (final boss)

and of course when Doom X is done I’ll add some of the stuff that went to the cutting board to Doom X II like..

  • Skeleton soldiers
  • Vore
  • Berskerker
  • Technicians
  • Serpent Boss

Also I will be creating some cool avatars of Doom X characters when I get time.  I’ll make ’em look pretty.

If you guys are curious to the diffuculty level of Doom X, it’s not going to be a walk in the park.  I love challenges so Doom X is designed to be HARD.  Not impossible but just very difficult.  You’ll see.


Last Boss in Doom X

Doom X | Doom X Videos | Friday, April 3rd, 2009

As many of you have heard that an early cut of the X-Men Origins movie has leaked on the net. Although I am against piracy, a co-worker had it on DVD and I couldn’t resist and saw it. The movie was friggin awesome and I will see it in the movie theaters anyways but what I thought was crazy was a mutant in the movie that freakishly resembles the last boss of Doom X. From this point on I’d suggest you’d stop reading for some minor spoilers of the movie.

***************************MINOR SPOILER BELOW***************************
****************************you have been warned***************************

If you’ve seen the trailer, you probably noticed a mutant that was shooting rays out of his eyes similar to Cyclops. This mutant in the movie has a little bit of everyone’s powers which I think is Fing cool. I’m not going to name him because I don’t want to ruin too much for you. About a month ago I was coming up with an idea of a last boss for Doom X and I thought it’d be cool if this guy just had everyone’s moves in the game and of course some of his own. As of now his name is “X” and he is not this huge mutant hell demon thing, he looks more like a super human. Anyways I thought it was crazy how much the mutant in this movie closely resembles the Last Boss in Doom X and he even looks a little like him.