Billy Mays R.I.P.

Doom X | Doom X Videos | Monday, June 29th, 2009

We have lost many celebrities just in the past few days and I was shocked to hear of the passing of Billy Mays. His commercials were memorable and would always catch your attention. You’ll be deeply missed Billy.

This is a video that was made by a buddy of mine, Doommaster1994.  Good stuff.


Bestiary page downloads

Doom X | Doom X Videos | Monday, June 29th, 2009

I have made the Flesh Wizard and Gangsta Grosse available to download at the Bestiary Page. Gangsta Grosse’s WAD contains levels with him in an arena. Flesh Wizard is just a wad with it’s DECORATE and SPRITE info. You can use XWE or whatever program you use to explore the Flesh Wizard wad and add them to your levels. Enjoy.


To nip, or not to nip

Doom X | Doom X Videos | Thursday, June 4th, 2009

I’ve been asked by someone why I do not show the Succubus’ detailed private areas like the nipples.  There are a few reasons for this decision.

Succubus censored

First of all they were originally going to have cool shaped tattoos all over their body to cover up everything similar to Felicia from the Darkstalkers series.  Then I had some issues showing that in very low resolution that they have and I could have given the more pixel res but then I’d have to change all of the other Doom monsters which I don’t want to do that hehe.

Second, there are other nude monsters in Doom such as the Imp or the Archvile who’s genital area are blank.  So sticking with the same formula I have done the same.

Third, I didn’t want people to encounter the Succubus and be like “Omg look at her tits!” lol.

So those are my reasons but I dunno what do you guys think?  I’m open to suggustions and if you really think they need them I’ll probably change it.

Should the Succubus show nips?

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Wow I wasn’t expecting a landslide victory for nips lol.  For some reason I’m a little afraid to do this.  Perhaps releasing two version?


Update 6.1.09

Doom X | Doom X Videos | Monday, June 1st, 2009

Hey all I just got back into town.  My grandmother passed away and had to go to Peru for awhile with my pops.  Anyways, I know I said I’d be updated some stuff soon but I’ve just had a lot of stuff going on.  Doom X is not dead and I promise the next video I will release will show lots of updates.

Oh and Leeroy Grosse was spotted at the Apple store.  lol