March 2010 update!

Doom X | Doom X Videos | Monday, March 1st, 2010

Ok there’s been a huge road block with the Doom X project my friends. A month ago I was in the process of upgrading my OS from XP to Windows 7. My g-friend has a laptop with Vista which I’ve messed around with but never did any gaming on it. Ok so then I installed Windows 7 which is GREAT but when I attempted to play some games that used OpenGL, my computer would restart. So I thought maybe it was some weird bug in Windows but come to find out it was a driver’s issue. I’ve been trying to fix this for awhile and sorta gave up for a little but because it was very frustrating.

^ a visual of what happens in OpenGL mode.

Well when I found out it was a driver issue then I attempted to uninstall the stupid windows drivers it automatically installed, WDDM, and tried to install the appropriate ones from NVida’s website.  The problem I’m getting is that when I do uninstall it, it makes me restart and when it restarts the drivers download again!  So anyways I’ve dones some research and I found a guy who’s in the same boat as me on this link.  So my next attempt is to force Win 7 to go into VGA mode and if that doesn’t work, try to install older drivers like from XP because a buddy of mine suggested it.  We’ll see.  So yeah this has been a HuGE pain in the ass!  Windows 7 is great though minus this auto driver crap!