Doom X | Doom X Videos | Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

No Doom X is not being released but I am letting you guys get your feet VERY wet with this goodie.


Lets just say that when you load this wad with ZDOOM for Doom 2 that a particular monster, that has hooves and has an identical brother but weaker, will be replaced by someone very special.  You’ve all seen videos of this character and he seems to be very fucking popular.  In celebration of his popularity, I’ve been adding some spice to his sprites.  So now you guys get to finally play with my creation which is the BETA version of him.  Have fun!

If you have no clue what to do just go to, downlaod ZDOOM and copy it into your DOOM 2 directory.  Also save the WAD file above into your directory and when you run ZDOOM.EXE, use this command “zdoom.exe -file wadfilename.wad”.  Then you can go hunt down this mysterious creature. Happy hunting and feel free to make some YOUTUBE videos and e-mail them to me.



Doom X | Doom X Videos | Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Sort of good news!  I updated the new GZDoom and did a test run on DOOM X with OpenGL and I had no crashes!  Why do I say this is “Sort of good news”, because this has kind of happened before where it worked fine and then BAM goes all to hell and starts crashing again.  But I am keeping my hopes up and I’ll be honest, it was VERY frustrating having this OpenGL issue with Windows 7.  I’m no computer dummy but I have to say I was not prepared for Windows 7 driver issues.  I always manually did it myself on XP and never had a problem.

So anyways you can see how this situation I had was a major cock block on everything.  Imagine your PC restarting every time and you gotta start all over again.  So anyways this is awesome for now, I did a little test recording which I am uploading right now.  SORRY if the quality looks like shit but hey I avoided using Fraps incase of a crash.

Some updates on the monsters –

Trite Mothers spawn three Trites when killed and have a move where spikes spawn underneath you.  The animation of it’s death sequence has not been complete so as of now it’s just the trite death animation.  I did some test runs and I may have to nerf the damage on the spikes because it fucks me up bad.

Succubus/Dark Vixen have new death animation with blood added and have a very small chance to revive.  Also people asked for a charm ability and there is kind of one.  If they kill another monster it basically becomes their bitch but nearly twice as strong.  It’s pretty sweet but it will make you think twice whenever you let rapid fire Dark Vixen kill everything in the room.  When an enemy is charmed they turn black and white with purple eyes and they shoot pink stuff also.

Tank Boss no longer has tank legs.  I decided it looked strange whenever he would do a complete turn around with his tank legs which is impossible so now he hovers.

The 1st half is proceeding!  Lots has been done!


I just found out the video I recorded was upside down…:P