Doom X | Doom X Videos | Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Ok I resolved the issue of my computer restarting. Turns out that my power supply was old so I bought a bad ass one and I’ve had ZERO problems and DOOM X is back in high gear! I’ve missed playing GZDoom X and now that I fixed everything, I’ve been applying lots of color lighting effects and it looks great! I am also trying to rap up the 1st half of Doom X as fast as I can. I’ve been slammed again at work! Here are some screen shots of what you’ll see in the first half.

My favorite level so far is level 4 which is built from scratch as of the other levels in Doom X are uncompleted wads my brother and I created ages ago but they are still cool! Level 4 has a ton of trites, elite imps, succubus and dark vixens galore! All the goodies of Doom X will be in this level.

I’m sure you guys notice some new splatter animation coming from the trites.  Lots of new splatter animation has been created for future monsters and cool gib effects.

The other levels have been redone and are all sexied up! Here are some screen shots of the madness!