Succubus and Trite BETA release *UPDATED 2-11-13*

Doom X | Doom X Videos | Monday, September 17th, 2012

Some people have been complaining the Filefactory link isn’t working so I just went ahead and threw it in a folder for now. Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD Succubus and Trite Beta

Click below to try out the Succubus and Trite in action. The Beta release of these have less frames and no gib animation. Those of you Decorate editors can see which frames are missing. Oh and the wings aren’t on the float animation. I forgot to add them :P. Have fun.

Load this wad with DOOM 2 and this will replace the Imps and Demons.


Someone suggested I use some other source of hosting files rather than the one above.  I just checked out that link and seems their server isn’t working correctly.  If anyone has any suggestions I am totally up for it.  By the way, where are all the youtube videos of this wad??  Come on guys spread the word haha!