4.14.2014 Update…….SORRY!

Doom X | Doom X Videos | Monday, April 14th, 2014

Sorry guys for the longggggggggggggggggggg update. I know I am an asshole. So I feel like I’ve left you guys out of the loop for awhile. Just quickly though the project was on hiatus for like a year but I am back at it. Lots has happened since the last update! I got married and I’m very busy at my job which is good for me but bad for the project. So to show you guys where I left off here are some screen shots of what I last did and will continue on. Enjoy. Also I will NEVER give up on this project. I’m sure a few of you have but I understand. DOOM is the greatest fucking game of all time and it deserves a bad ass retro sequel.
wizard gargoyle
This is obviously incomplete. Notice the amazing shading job…haha.
Mind Breakers
Elite Imp's frozen
Elite Imp's new look
New door
Freeze Gun and new textures
Succubus and Dark Vixen's new look